X-Plane 8 Scenery Tutorials

These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions or annotated examples for working with the X-Plane scenery system.

Orthophoto Polygons01/27/09How to place orthophotos using polygons and DSF overlays.
Using the Library System01/27/09How to use library scenery packags to customize X-Plane's look.
Converting ENV scenery with DSF2Text01/27/09Use DSF2Text to translate custom objects from ENV scenery to DSF overlays.
Using DSF2Text01/27/09Use DSF2Text to transfer custom objects from the old Socal demo area to the new one.
Customizing X-Plane Default Scenery Graphics01/27/09Create a custom scenery package that changes the default appearance of X-Plane.
Creating animated objects in AC3D 6.0 (old)01/27/09This explains the old way to make animated objects in AC3D 6.0 or older.
Creating animated objects in AC3D 6.1 (new) (Italian)01/27/09This explains the new preferred way to animate objects in AC3D 6.1.

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