X-Plane 8 Scenery Request For Comments (RFCs)

These documents describe proposed extensions to the X-Plane scenery system. They are not announcements of future features or intents of X-Plane or Laminar Research. The purpose of these documents is to facilitate discussion. Do not assume that any of the RFCs contained wherein will be implemented.

Please provide feedback to bsupnik at xsquawkbox dot net or post to the x-plane-scenery yahoo group. I will merge comments into the RFCs and revise them appropriately.

Linear Forests04/17/10Placing Trees Along Lines and Points.
Additive LOD04/17/10Multiple LODs at the same time for OBJs.
Explicit OBJ Heights04/17/10Placing objects in exact locations vertically.
Global Texture Variants12/04/09Varied textures for a single OBJ.
Global Object Attributes12/04/09Global Attributes for OBJs.
Draped Object Geometry10/17/09Draped polygons insode OBJs.
Texturing Extensions10/17/09Proposed extensions to X-Plane's texturing system.