X-Plane 8 Scenery Information Library


These are introductory articles for authors and general users.

Getting Started01/27/09A few starting-points for creating scenery.
About the new Global Scenery 01/27/09An overview of what's new in the global scenery.
Airport Layouts and Global Scenery01/27/09Tips on building airport layouts and submitting them for the next global scenery.

Authoring Information

These articles explain various aspects of the scenery system and are intended for authors creating scenery.

Scenery Package Organization01/27/09Layout Information for Scenery Packages
Scenery System Overview01/27/09A mostly non-technical overview of the entire X-Plane scenery system.
Building DSF Meshes01/27/09Details for programmers on how to build custom DSF meshes.
Performance Tuning and Scenery01/27/09How to maximize framerate in a custom scenery package
About Overlays01/27/09A description of the overlay system and its uses.
X-Plane 8 Library System01/27/09Customizing artwork with the X-Plane 8 Library.
Object Overview01/27/09A semi-technical description of the new OBJ8 object format.
DSF Overview01/27/09A semi-technical description of the new scenery format.
Facades Overview01/27/09A description of facade objects and their role in the new scenery system.

Users Manuals for Tools

The various scenery tools can be found on the tools page; the tools have a text file (usually called README) with complete instructions. WorldEditor's help is available from the Help Menu once WorldEditor is launched.

You can also find PDF editions of some of the manuals below.

AC3D Exporter Plugin Manual04/26/10This manual is also available in .txt form with the plugin download (current for 3.21r2).
WorldEditor Manual12/25/09WorldEditor 1.0 User's Manual. This manual is also available via the online help in WorldEditor.

File Format Specifications

These are detailed specifications of the various X-Plane specific file types used by the X-Plane scenery system. They are intended primarily for programmers, although in some cases authors may need to create these files by hand with a text editor.

.dsf (Low Level Format)01/27/09Distribution Scenery Format Specification
.dsf (Usage by X-Plane)10/09/09DSF X-Plane Integration Information
.fac (building facade)01/27/09Facade definition specification
.for (forest)01/27/09Forest definition specification
.lin (painted line)10/09/09Painted Line definition specification
.net (road network)01/27/09Road Network definition specification.
.obj (Object 8)12/25/09OBJ Version 8 File Format Specification
.pol (draped polygon)04/17/10Draped Polygon definition specification
.str (object string)01/27/09Object String definition specification
.ter (terrain)01/27/09Terrain definition specification
Library (library.txt)01/27/09Specification of the library.txt file format

Legacy X-Plane 7 Information

These documents describe the old X-Plane 7 scenery system, and are included for historical reference.

LEGACY: V7 Scenery Packages01/27/09The version 7 scenery packaging system.
LEGACY: Env File Format Specification01/27/09Explanation of the version 7 ENV file format.
LEGACY: V7 Default Scenery Overview01/27/09An Author's Guide to V7 Default Scenery.

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