X-Plane 8 Sample Code and Libraries

Important: The latest version of the X-Plane Scenery Tools source code is available for download via a source code web interface. The latest information on the code has moved to our wiki. Here are some useful links:

These downloads contain archives of older versions of the code. Note that DSFLib, OBJ I/O, and ENV I/O are all available as part of the main XPTools tree, available via the current snapshots above.

Windows Build Environment Installer 1.1.1 (Download)

This is a net installer that downloads and installs a full Windows development environment for the scenery tools.

(Release - Last modified: 4/17/09)

Tools Source - July 2008 (Download)

This is a snapshot of the X-Plane scenery tools source code tree. This source code contains all of the code to WED, the ac3d plugin, other tools, and Laminar Research's default scenery generation algorithms, as well as snapshots of the libraries necessary to build them and build files for Mac and Windows. This code does not represent a library, but rather a full tree snapshot. A README in the root of the zip archive explains the contents of this archive in more detail.

(Release - Last modified: 7/10/08)

DSFLib (Download)

DSFLib is a C library (C++ implementation) that loads and saves DSF files. DSF lib is the actual code used by X-Plane and WorldEditor to read and create DSF files.

(Release - Last modified: 3/12/05)

OBJ I/O (Download)

These util files read, write, draw and convert OBJ files (versions 2, 7 and 8). This code is still undocumented. This is the production code from the various OBJ8 utilities (ObjView, ObjDraw, etc.).

(Release - Last modified: 9/27/05)

ENV I/O code (Download)

This code reads and writes version 7 ENV files. This code has been on my server for a while, so I am not sure if it compiles, but it may be of use as an example or reference.

(Release - Last modified: 3/12/05)