X-Plane 8 Beta Scenery Downloads

Beta Tools Downloads

Here you'll find the latest betas for the scenery tools. Release versions can be found below before downloading. The instructions and manual for each tool is contained in the zip archive.

Mesh Tool (Mac Windows Linux)

MeshTool 2.0 is a major overhaul of MeshTool, fixing stability issues and adding a number of new options and features for creating meshes.

(2.0r1 - Last modified: 4/25/10)

WED 1.1 Beta 1 (Mac Windows Linux)

WED 1.1 adds overlay editing to WorldEditor. This is a beta build - be careful, as the program is still in beta, can crash, and you may lose data.

(1.1b1 - Last modified: 4/25/10)

AC3D 3.2.1 RC 2 (Mac Windows Linux)

The newest AC3D export plugin fixes a few minor bugs.

(3.2.1r2 - Last modified: 4/25/10)

Use Caution With Developer Previews!

A developer preview is a release that is not yet even beta - it is provided only to let authors provide early feedback on an upcoming release. Be very careful with developer preview builds:

  • Back up any project before you use a developer preview.
  • Save your work often.
  • Carefully check output for errors and data loss!

Should I Download These Test Tools?

These tools are beta software. That means they are not fully functional and may contain bugs. If you do not need the latest features, consider using the released tools instead.

If you do want to try these tools, please understand that they are pre-release test software, which we are sharing to get user feedback and testing time.