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This site contains information for developing X-Plane scenery. We also use the mailing list x-plane-scenery@yahoogroups.com as a scenery and modeling discussion forum. Some introductory information can be found here.

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    Scenery SDK Updates

  • 4/25/10 - New Tools In Beta

    Three new tool betas: WED 1.1 beta 1, AC3D 3.2.1 RC2, and MeshTool 2.0 RC 1. Download here.

  • 4/16/10 - New RFCs

    I have posted a few new RFCs.

  • 12/25/09 - New WED Preview, MeshTool Beta

    The new WED 1.1 developer preview 2 makes the DP more usable. MeshTool beta 4 fixes a number of bugs. Download here.

  • 12/04/09 - AC3D Plugin 3.2 Goes Final

    Version 3.2 of the ac3d plugin is now done. It has full support for a number of new version 9 OBJ features. Download it here.

  • 11/10/09 - New MeshTool Beta

    The MeshTool 2.0b3 beta is out, with a lot of featuers and bug fixes. There is also an ac3d exporter 3.2 release candidate. You can get both here.

  • 10/9/09 - WED 1.1 Developer Preview

    I have posted a developer build of WED 1.1 here: here.

  • 7/16/09 - MeshTool 2.0 beta 2 posted

    The second meshtool beta is posted here: here.

  • 6/28/09 - New AC3D Plugin (320b5) Betas Posted

    The ac3d plugin (3.20b5) are available for beta testing here.

  • 6/18/09 - New AC3D Plugin (320b4) Betas Posted

    The ac3d plugin (3.20b4) are available for beta testing here.

  • 6/16/09 - Manipulator Documentation

    The OBJ8 specification is updated to include the new manipulators from X-Plane 930.

  • 5/14/09 - New AC3D Plugin Betas Posted

    The newest versions of the ac3d plugin (3.20b3) are available for beta testing here.

  • 4/28/09 - New MeshTool and AC3D Betas Posted

    The newest versions of MeshTool and the ac3d plugin are available for beta testing here.

  • 4/28/09 - OBJ8 specification updated

    The OBJ8 specification has been updated to reflect changes to the OBJ format for 930 beta 8.

  • 4/17/09 - Windows Development Tools Installer updated

    The new version will now update the tools environment if re-run on an existing tools installation.

  • 4/7/09 - New Windows Development Tools Installer

    The XPTools Development Environment Installer is a net installer that will set up a complete mingw environment for compiling the scenery tools. Programmers who want to work on the scenery tools for Windows can use this to get started quickkly! See the source code page for links and options.

  • 3/31/09 - Latest Scenery Tools Code Online

    The scenery tools code is now available via a web interface to the live source control repository, updated every hour. See the source code page for links and options.

  • 3/25/09 - X-Plane 930 Specs

    The OBJ8 spec is updated, with new syntax for variable level lighting and other new 930 features. The DSF specification is updated with information about variable LOD meshes.

  • 12/31/08 - Light-level RFC Updated.

    See RFCs section.

  • 9/27/08 - X-Plane 920 Specs

    The OBJ8 spec is updated, with syntax for manipulating the cockpit in 3-d. The .pol and .ter specifications are updated with information about paged scenery.

  • 7/10/08 - WED 1.0 Ships

    WED 1.0, after an exceedingly long beta, is done. See the tools web page to download. The July source code release matches the final WED code.

  • 6/25/08 - New Tips on Airport Layouts

    See Airport Layouts and Global Scenery in the library.

  • 6/13/08 - RFCs updated

    See RFCs section.

  • 6/6/08 - Manipulator RFC Posted

    See the RFCs section for the new manipulator RFC.

  • 6/3/08 - Texture Paging RFC Posted

    See the RFCs section for the new texture-paging RFC.

  • 4/30/08 - April Tools Posted

    The April tools release (binary and source) fixes bugs in MeshTool.

  • 3/26/08 - WED beta 5 posted.

    The new WED beta fixes problems with TerraServer and a few crash bugs.

  • 3/13/08 - March Tools Posted

    The new Mach 2008 tools download contains the latest versions of DSF2Text, ObjConverter and ObjView, as well as two new tools: MeshTool and DDSTool. A new AC3D plugin is also available.

  • 12/26/07 - X-Plane File Format Docs Posted.

    The file format documentation in the library has been updated to reflect new X-Plane 9 features.

  • 12/7/07 - AC3D Plugin 3.1 with Keyframes.

    I've posted the first beta o the new AC3D plugin. This one supports key frames for X-Plane 9.

  • 10/25/07 - Guidelines for Airport Boundaries, More Code.

    New guidelines posted for airport boundaries and the global scenery. I have posted a newer snapshot of the scenery tools code.

  • 10/18/07 - WED beta 4 posted.

    A few minor bug fixes - see the tools section!

  • 9/20/07 - AC3D Plugin 3.0.1 Available

    This new ac3d plugin optimizes flat shading.

  • 9/17/07 - WED 1.0b3 Released, AC3D Plugin 3.0 Final

    New beta posted in the download section. Also the RFCs are updated.

  • 8/10/07 - WED 1.0b2 Released

    New beta posted in the download section.

  • 8/6/07 - WED 1.0b1 Released

    WorldEditor 1.0 is available for public beta! See the tools section to download.

  • 8/6/07 - Doc Update

    A new document in the library describes what parameters are legal in an X-Plane DSF file.

  • 5/15/07 - AC3D Export Plugin Beta 2

    Beta 2 of the plugin is available. It has a number of bug fixes, and should work with the whole datarefs.txt file.

  • 5/11/07 - Custom Scenery Pack to Remove European-Style 3-d Objects

    A new custom scenery package posted on the test lab page can be used to remove European objects from Canada, China, Australia, etc. I have removed the repaired .ter files from the test lab page, since they have been part of the X-Plane updater for a long time. Minor corrections to the OBJ documentation.

  • 4/5/07 - Revised RFC - Cockpit Clicking

    I have revised the cockpit clicking and manipulation part of the OBJ RFC.

  • 2/16/07 - New Orthophoto Polygon Tutorial

    A new annotated scenery package shows how to place orthophotos over airports.

  • 2/16/07 - New Tools and Tutorials

    The new AC3D plugin version 3.0 beta is posted, as is Kriss's tutorial on how to use it. Be sure to read the README too. A new DSF2Text is also posted, which supports orthophoto polygons. I have also started drafting a key-framing RFC.

  • 1/8/07 - File Formats Updated for 860

    I've updated the file format specifications for X-Plane 860. See the version history for a list of changes.

  • 8/18/06 - DSF2Text, AC3D plugin updated

    I've officially posted the universal version of the ac3d plugin. (The only change is that it works on x86 Macs. I've also posted DSF2Text 1.1.1, which can handle writing the new bezier polygons without crashing.

  • 7/24/06 - DSFLib Repackaged

    I've repackaged DSFLib so it should be easily accessable on Windows. I've also posted a few minor tweaks to the various file specs.

  • 7/19/06 - Even more X-Plane 850 docs

    I've posted additional specs for forests, as well as some of the new bezier-curve-type features for X-Plane 850.

  • 7/18/06 - X-Plane 850 docs updated

    The first part of the X-Plane 850 docs are posted - including updates to the OBJ8 format. More coming soon. An x86 version of the AC3D plugin will be out in a few days I hope.

  • 6/04/06 - apt.dat RFC revised

    I've posted the new apt.dat RFC, as well as a 'draped polygon' RFC and other updates. See the RFC section for details.

  • 5/28/06 - apt.dat 850 very raw RFC

    I've posted a very rough set of notes on some of the new apt.dat 850 ideas.

  • 5/24/06 - A new addition to the Object8 RFC

    The proposed extension gives authors the ability to control Z ordering of objects, for more modeling control in the airport environment.

  • 5/22/06 - New Documentation and RFC

    We have a new tutorial from Kriss explaining the library system, as well as documentation on the library.txt file and how to build a DSF mesh. Also be sure to see the new RFC on object lights.

  • 4/24/06 - New Tutorial

    I have posted Kriss's tutorial on converting old ENV scenery to DSF overlay format.

  • 2/3/06 - New AC3D Plugin

    I have posted the AC3D plugin 2.1, first beta. This plugin should work on OS X 10.4.4 and also adds some new features - see the tools section to download; the README explains the new features.

  • 1/7/06 - ENV->Overlay Conversion

    DSF2Text 1.1 is posted and can convert custom objects from ENVs to DSF ovrelays automatically. See the tools section for download.

  • 12/19/05 - Getting Started Guide

    Added a new getting-started guide to the library. Blender scripts are listed under tools. If you have a third party tool, please email me and I will list it.

  • 12/19/05 - New DSF2TExt

    The new DSF2Text is available here. This version is compatible with the global scenery.

  • 12/15/05 - Testlab Page

    Added a link to the corrected .ter files that Sergio posted; these will also be rolled into X-Plane 830.

  • 12/14/05 - RFCs Updates

    A new RFC for OBJ8 extensions is posted, and the texturing RFC has also been extensively revised. Please see the RFCs page for more info.

  • 12/09/05 - Moving the Blog

    I am setting up a real scenery blog here. I will try to post actual content updates to the scenery SDK here on this front page.

  • 12/08/05 - Performance Tuning

    Now that scenery is out, what am I working on? Performance tuning! I haven't had a chance to really step back and look at the X-Plane 8 rendering engine in almost a year. So 830 will focus on performance: RAM usage, framerate, and load time, as well as a whole bunch of other enhancements.

    I'll try to get this site and the tools updated in the next week...the rendering code has my head spinning right now. BTW, the scenery page is now visible from http://scenery.x-plane.com/.

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